Welcome to the Welsh Cardiovascular Society Website

Membership of the Society is limited to Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, other doctors interested in cardiovascular disease in Wales, and invited members.

Members may request a website username and password by using the “Contact Us” facility on the right hand menu

1. The purpose of the Welsh Cardiovascular Society is to:-

a. Promote cardiovascular health
b. Promote high quality care for patients suffering from cardiovascular disorders
c. Share good practice
d. Inform the membership of matters within Wales relevant to their practice
e. To provide independent guidance on clinical and other cardiac issues to the Welsh Assembly Government, the Cardiac Networks and others
f. Facilitate collaborative research and promote teaching and education in the are of cardiovascular medicine
g. Represent Wales on the Council of the British Cardiovascular Society

2. The Membership

a. The membership of the Welsh Cardiovascular Society will consist of Consultant Cardiologists, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Consultant Physician, Senior Cardiovascular Academics and General Practitioners who have involvement in the provision of cardiac s
ervices to patients in Wales. Colleagues will be encouraged to continue their membership after retiring from clinical practice. b. Other individuals may be invited to join with the agreement of the Society’s membership.
c. All SpR’s holding NTN in Wales will be regarded as associate members. The SpR’s will nominate three of their colleagues to attend the biannual meeting.
d. New members may join the group at any time by:-
i. Sponsorship by an existing member
ii. Direct application to the Executive Committee
e. Annual subscription will be £50. Subscription will be fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time and will be payable on the 1st January annually to the Treasurer. The funds of the Society will be used solely to promote the objectives of the Society as stated in the Constitution.

3. The Officers

The membership of the Society will elect the following officers by simple majority voting at secret postal ballot a. President
b. Secretary/Treasurer
c. Regional Representatives (one each from South-East, South-West and North Wales)

Each elected office should be nominated and seconded for office by members of the Society and, if elected, will hold office for four years. Elections for the officers should usually be staggered by two years to provide organisational continuity. Similarly, elections should be completed so as to provide a period of at least six months between the result of the election and the end of the period of office of the incumbent. An election will not be required if there is only one candidate for an office.The President will represent the Society on the Council of the British Cardiovascular Society, and will attend meeting of the Council. In the event of the President being unable to attend a Council meeting, the Secretary will attend as deputy.

4. Members Representatives

The Members within each of the network regions will elect one Representative from that region to form, with the officers of the Society, an Executive Committee to act on behalf of the Society in matters that should not be delayed until the next Society meeting

5. The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will meet four times a year, twice as part of the biannual meetings of the Society and twice at closed meetings between these meetings. No closed meeting will be quorate unless at least three members of the Executive Committee of the Society are present.

6. Meetings of the Society

There will be biannual meetings at which the President or designated deputy will preside. These meetings will include educational and academic activities in addition to the affairs of the Society. Non members may attend by invitation of the executive council of the Welsh Cardiovascular Society. These would normally include senior medical officers, the Welsh Assembly Government, Health Commission Wales, cardiac network chairs and Chief Medical Officer of Wales.

7. Finance of the Society

The finance of the society will be annually audited and the accounts made public. The society will seek charitable status.